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The city in Figures

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This solution integrates different statistical data updated to know the basic figures of the municipality, with both visual and interactive broadcasting. Tables, figures, charts, maps and population pyramids are available for a prompt region understanding.

All the information is reusable and charts and maps can be downloaded to graphic and vectorial formats; data that shape maps and charts can be displayed in a table mode and be downloaded both in xls and csv format.

All data emanates from official sources and is continuosly updated.

5. Dwellings

Number of dwellings

1.502.190 Dwellings

Growth in the last year: 0,5%Estabilidad
Period:Annual 2021
Source:Madrid Treasury. Open Database of Madrid City Council. General Subdirectory of Statistics.

Urban cadastre residential properties

Número de viviendas

Real state transactions

10.095 transacciones

Growth in the last year: -20,3%Estabilidad
Period:Quarterly I 2023
Source:Ministry of Public Works

Number of real estate transactions of dwellings (new + second hand).

Transacciones inmobiliarias
Distribution within the municipalities